Monday, August 19, 2013

Op shop finds

During the holidays I was very lucky to have some very awesome op shop and Retro Fair finds!

Three typewriters...which kind of constitutes a collection!
A cute little old camera.
And a rummage at a very cool second hand shop with a whole corner of Crown lynn! I didn't last there long though because the owner was smoking like a chimney!

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Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Very good blog.

Sima J said...

YAY for great op shop finds - for a second there I thought 'please don't tell me this is her kitchen' hahaha such a well laid out shop (not!) what if you wanted the plates in the back corner?? haha and weird that the owner was smoking?! what?? odd in NZ to see that!!

CHD said...

Such lovely finds. Your typewriters are great. Now we just need that Bernina to cross off your list. I would have loved stumbling upon the Crown Lynn collection, but imagine the stress of choosing. Cx

Miriam said...

cute typewriters! Maybe the owner smokes to ensure that no-one gets too much crown lynn???!!

TracyP said...

LOVE the typewriters!!
LOVE op shopping!

Lea said...

Definitely a collection:) just love the pretty floral cups too. So sweet!

Cat said...

Love your finds and Crown Lynn waaaa I could have got lost in there !! !!

(sorry I am WAY behind in blog reading just attempting to catch up)

Bron said...

Oh my heart be still with those typewriters...i have a couple too and they are so fun when they are in working order...they have fascinated the kids no end. xxx

Max said...

a crown lynn corner! I just spent ages studying that photo in detail- it looks like my kinda place, minus the fag-fog tho, ick!
3 retro typewriters-how fantastic! I love the green one so much. I would love to get a little pack away one but i always put myself off thinking "i'll never get a ink ribbon for it these days".
so great to have you linking in leonie x