Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pom Pom Flowers


The thought of making these pom pom flowers has been driving me crazy.
From out the window at work I have been admiring a vase filled with what I think are pom pom flowers across the road at the Yoga Studio.

I just knew I had to make them!!

On pinterest you'll find quite a few tutorials and ideas for them.

I am a lazy pom pom maker and hate making those cardboard bits and can never understand how to use them properly. Too fussy and too time consuming.

So to make the big ones I just wrapped the yarn around my fingers. I took a photo but it looks odd so I won't share it ;)

My daughter wanted some mini pom pom flowers for her room so here's how we made those (no weird disorted hand pictures I promise).

To make mini pom poms we use a fork.
Wrap your yarn around the thickest part of the fork until it's quite thick
Using the length of yarn we first put on the fork, wrap it around the middle of the wrapped yarn.. pull it off and tie it TIGHT!
It should look like this
using some small sharp scissors cut through the middle of the loops
You will have a pom pom! a very messy uneven pom pom
Time for a haircut! Snip snip snip to within an inch of its pom pom life for a nice thick fluffy pompom.
attach to a stick
Add to a cute little vase! Ta da!

So simple the kids can make them too!

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Max said...

very cute! the simple things are often the best aren't they x

TracyP said...

soo cute!! I might make some with the kids in the holidays

PaisleyJade said...

Love these Leonie!! Love the way you make pompoms with a fork as well!

CHD said...

Great idea. The kids would enjoy making these. Thanks for the great tutorial. Cx

Fay said...

Cute! I think I need to make some, my mantel is looking a little bare at the moment.

Leanne M said...

Just like Britney, you've done it again! I was going to post my pompom flowers to the Show and Tell link too. You've even added a great tutorial - nup, not showing my one now :). They are great fun to make, aren't they?

Nin said...

I've been wanting to do this with Lala for ages - how did you attach the pompom? Hot glue?

Leonie said...

Yes these are awesome! the girls and I are so making some! thanks for sharing Leonie :)

Julie - Slice in the Life of Julie said...

These are gorgeous - I love the mini ones. I made some a few weeks ago but haven't gotten around to putting them on sticks yet. You have inspired me to finish them :)

Cat said...

Brilliant LOVE this idea

Jules said...

They look great! Think I will have to make a few of these for my place! J xx

sweetpea family said...

I can't wait to make some x

Bron said...

It is ages since I made pom poms too...fork is a great idea and the flowers are super cute. xxx

Christina Lowry said...

I made pom poms with the kids at playgroup and long after the kids were done the Mums were still sitting around making pom poms! So good. Cohen would love the pom poms on a stick though, to decorate with, use as a wand etc. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Sandy Campbell said...

Hi visiting from Made by Hand Thursdays! Adorable and great photos!! Enjoyed my visit.

Visit and join me at Sanderella's Crochet blog

Sandy said...

What a great way to add colour to a room! They look so easy to make.


Rachel Osborne said...

so lovely Leonie, have just been scrolling through and catching up... love those painted pots as well!! I'm so impressed that you actually DO the ideas we see on pinterest... I just curate my boards *ahem*
Love ya

Bee Lady said...

I just found you through Mel's blog. Very cute pom pom flowers! I have a little wire tree that my husband made a few years ago. I think I will make some pom poms for it! Thank you for the idea.

Cindy Bee