Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vintage Zig Zag Rainbow quilt

Wahoo!!! One finished quilt.

It is made of a mixture of vintage sheets and vintage fabrics and even the white is a vintage sheet that had a lovely embroidered edge.

I have been collecting vintage sheets as I have found them in Op Shops in NZ and Australia, for the last few years. I have quite a collection now - (husband rolls his eyes).

This quilt is made of pieces from my collection, from a vintage fabric swap I took part in and from squares
swapped with my lovely friend Cait. My friend Lisa also gave me some vintage fabrics before we left Brisbane, which make an appearance in here too.

With well over 300 squares I was struggling to decide what to make... and then I saw a fabulous cushion made by Janelle Wind on an IG post and a fab zig zag rainbow quilt made by my friend Simone. I was INSPIRED! That very same day this quilt top was made.

Last week I FINALLY bought a walking foot and taadaa! It's finished!!!

I still have about 250 squares to use! My girls are fighting over this one so maybe I'll need to make another.

Two more quilts are quilted and sitting ready to have the binding stitched down so there will be more quilt loveliness coming very soon! I feel like I am accomplishing huge things with these quilts!!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

International Dishcloth swap

My name is Leonie and I am addicted to making dishcloths.
I have been fighting this addiction for over two years and there seems to be no cure. 

SO ... in order to keep it fueled I have been considering doing a dishcloth swap!

The very lovely Mel at One Crafty Mumma is hosting a swap for Aussies (which looks fab - hurry over to sign up if you are in Aussie!). After a quick chat to her I decided to host an international swap.

Here's the details:
You need to crochet or knit TWO dishcloths from cotton (not acrylic or pure wool)
Send these (and other little goodies if you like) to your partner. Make it fun, make it exciting! Everyone loves to open a fun swap parcel!
Post them off by the 31st October 2013.

To join in:
Email me at by the 30 September 2013, with the following details

Name, blog url, postal address
Indicate if you are willing to post overseas

I will send you your swap partners details on the 1st October so you have a whole month to make and send your AMAZING dishcloths.
If you are new to crochet or knitting this is a GREAT way to practice!! 

this stuff that has to be said: 
Please only sign up for the swap if you can complete it. I know you guys will, but it must be said. And make your parcel exciting to receive and open! wrap it nice, include a card!

Need to find cotton yarn?
If you are in NZ and you are looking for a fab cotton for dishcloths check out this online store
Sugar n Cream is my cotton of choice and my current dishcloths are testimony to the quality of this yarn. I bought some in the USA last year and wish I'd filled a suitcase with them! 

Want some pattern ideas?
I've started a pinterest board especially for this swap! Check it out here for some great patterns and ideas

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pom Pom Flowers


The thought of making these pom pom flowers has been driving me crazy.
From out the window at work I have been admiring a vase filled with what I think are pom pom flowers across the road at the Yoga Studio.

I just knew I had to make them!!

On pinterest you'll find quite a few tutorials and ideas for them.

I am a lazy pom pom maker and hate making those cardboard bits and can never understand how to use them properly. Too fussy and too time consuming.

So to make the big ones I just wrapped the yarn around my fingers. I took a photo but it looks odd so I won't share it ;)

My daughter wanted some mini pom pom flowers for her room so here's how we made those (no weird disorted hand pictures I promise).

To make mini pom poms we use a fork.
Wrap your yarn around the thickest part of the fork until it's quite thick
Using the length of yarn we first put on the fork, wrap it around the middle of the wrapped yarn.. pull it off and tie it TIGHT!
It should look like this
using some small sharp scissors cut through the middle of the loops
You will have a pom pom! a very messy uneven pom pom
Time for a haircut! Snip snip snip to within an inch of its pom pom life for a nice thick fluffy pompom.
attach to a stick
Add to a cute little vase! Ta da!

So simple the kids can make them too!

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh the loving!

Have you visited my friend Jackie's blog? She's a really funny person and I love how she writes. I also love her bullet point posts.
I hope she doesn't mind that I am going to steal the idea and do my 'loving post' bullet point style this week.

* loving my JOB. Yes, I, Leonie, LOVE my job.
I feel like I am making a difference to something that is very dear to my heart. I feel valued. I feel supported. I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I can work school hours. It is enabling us to live a more comfortable life and start renovating our house. It's only a temporary position but I really really love it for as long as it lasts.

*loving that tomorrow kids winter sports will be finished. SLEEEEEPPPP INNNNN Saturdays will make a come back.

*loving that my Mum and Dad came to stay and babysat for us, not once, but TWICE!!! We went to the movies and saw Red 2 (which was so funny, and I am NOT an action movie kinda girl) and also out for dinner with my lovely friend and her hubby. Such a good night. Such tasty Virgin Margarita slushies. I'm all class.

*loving that Mum and Dad did heaps of gardening and door fixing while they were here.
I found an old septic tank? piece out the back. instant little garden piece.
* loving that with a decent dose of thyroid hormone on board I am crafting like a demon in my 'spare'  time. Sometimes you really don't know how sick you are until you can look back retrospectively. Crafting makes me so happy. So happy. Having a metabolism again makes me even happier!

* loving that my children have made friends with our neighbour's daughter. This is something I have prayed for so long. A neighbourhood for our kids to play with other kids. A community. We are surrounded with elderly ladies in our street and I love how they have all popped in to meet us (and gossip fill us in on everyone in the neighbourhood). It is evident, that the lady who owned our house previously was very much loved and sorely missed by her friends.

* loving going on school trips!!! Earlier this week I went to Waitomo Caves and the Otorohanga Kiwi House with Miss 7 and her class.
yep socks down, shoelaces untied.

Gosh. I'm loving a lot.
Have a fab weekend everyone!!!
(ps I am LOVING the lovely comments you lovelies leave! makes my day, everytime).

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Little Crochet Stool

My Dad made a little stool and gave it to Miss 12 for her room.
It was screaming for a bit of yarn loving.

The pattern for the cover is from here

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Colour-me-in Tablecloth

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have a bit of a love affair for all things IKEA.

I found this awesome fabric in the textile department and bought enough to make a tablecloth.
Don't you LOVE our spunky dining room curtains?
A (painted) pot of fabric pens and a visit from the cousins meant the tablecloth was ready to get colourful.
The idea is that visitors will colour-in or write messages on the tablecloth and because we are using fabric markers it can be washed and kept for years.

I must admit, just like the kids, I am finding it hard not to pick up a pen and leave my mark too.