Friday, January 31, 2014

Loving being on holidays

We had a great family day at Hamilton Zoo on Monday (that'll be a whole post in itself)

We've been rearranging and sorting (with  A LOT more to go). I am determined to cut the crap this year.

On Wednesday I saw my surgeon and got great news! He walked in the room and the first thing he said is 'its not cancer'. YUSS!! very happy. It was another benign papilloma.. and it's all healing well.

Our pool is the best thing we ever bought I think. It is getting used constantly and is such a perfect size.
We bought this old beauty on Trade me for a whopping $26. It was a bit of a drama getting it in the house when the castors fell off but we used one of the kids skateboards to wheel it in (nothing like a bit of Kiwi ingenuity!). It needs a tune but this little Miss is excited about starting piano lessons. Me too! I plan to learn as well.
Lots of zucchinis turned to marrows overnight ended up as the yummiest pickle! (and homemade curry powder to make sure its gluten free - didn't think to read the spice packet labels. Here's a hint, buy the Eco brand not Gregg's for spices)
I finally joined the hexie bandwagon. I need to work on my joining but LOVE these!!

Back to work next week - boo!

Have a great weekend.

Joining up with the lovely Meghan


Mandy said...

Love the hexies. One day I will try them too. Love yours in solids!

The pool looks awesome!

& yay for no cancer! Bet that was a huge relief!

Great pics!

jacksta said...

$26 for a whole piano! bargain of the century!

Jenny said...

So relieved for you about the good news, health wise! x

Tracy said...

What wonder news from the doctor x we have a pool that goes up each summer the kids love it although it's a bit cold for me sometimes. But as you say it's one of the best things we've bought xx

TracyP said...

WOW! $26 for a piano!! Wicked!!
And Whoop Whoop for good news from the Doctor! xxxx

Cat said...

Wonderful news from the Doctor
LOVE the swimming pool - we've decided to upsize also :)
I love love love that quilt on your bed

BigLittle said...

Wow, great find on the piano! Great news from the doc and a great way to cool off in this heat. You are all set :) xx

Meghan M said...

That giraffe photo is just the best - and the pic of your kids with the rhino - I have exactly the same one of my two from our trip last June. So relieved for you for your diagnosis and also shaking my head in disbelief about your amazing piano bargain - incredible! xx

Leonie said...

Am so envious of that piano!! the hexies are delicious and who can top a great day at the zoo :) and whoohoo about the good doctor news!

Bron said...

Fantastic news about your health....

You will love the piano...I would love one just not sure where we would put it. Have fun learning together. xxx