Friday, January 10, 2014

Loving in pictures

happy mail 

road tripping


new projects

one of my fave books as a movie - LOVED it.

more happy mail

my first Kombucha brew ready for secondary fermentation

Rainbow nesting fabric wrapped rope baskets. Whats not to love?


Tracy said...

That's a mighty fine stash of yarn you have there! :-) New Zealand has some amazing sculptures/exhibits!!

TracyP said...

so much happy mail!!! Makes me feel slack since I have stuff here that I am supposed to send to you!! Bad friend!!!!
LOVING those nesting baskets you clever thing!

Helen Peters said...

Love your rainbow nesting baskets Leonie! :)

meg said...

Oh kombucha! I'd love to learn how to make that.

PaisleyJade said...


Cat said...

LOVE those rainbow baskets
SOOOOOOO you xxx

Have just returned home from watching The Book Thief

Leonie said...

Such happy lovely photo's! Have a great weekend :)

Hootnz said...

Alot of great stuff to love!

rosyhill said...

I love the rainbow baskets! :)

Bron said...

You are right what is no too,love in your list.....I am hoping to read that book on our up coming holiday in a week ...would rather read than see the movie. Xxxx