Friday, January 24, 2014


It's been a challenging two weeks. I had surgery last week and was feeling pretty lousy afterwards but this week, every day I feel much better.
A trip to the beach yesterday has grounded me and cleared my head as well as time with a dear friend.

Loving this week is bought to you by the letter C

Cookies (from a thoughtful, lovely friend)

Clever Poppa's that make bows and arrows
Confetti!!! (from another lovely friend .. the confetti had me giggling for days)
Crazy phone photos by my crazy kids
Cobweb clearing walks on the beach
Crazy cats doing Yoga
Cauliflower Salad (would you think I was weird if I told you cauliflower was my favourite food?)

Linking in with the lovely Meghan


Meghan M said...

Oh love your loves - wish we had some caterpillars to watch - our swan plant died after only a few seasons - we had one amazing year with it - but ours didn't even hatch till May - that's the climate here for you! I am SO trying that cauliflower salad - it looks amazing. And so glad you liked the macaroons xx

TracyP said...

Happy mail is the bomb!!!
Loving your lovings!!

Tracy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better after your operation x

Pam said...

Clever choices, the cookies look good. I like cauliflower plunged into boiling water for 3 minutes then drained and tossed in chilled vinaigrette, it is amazing hot or chilled. I hope you continue to get better.

Mandy said...

yum... I love cauliflower too!

That is one cool caterpillar! I was just watching one on Miniscule before. That cracks me up & yours reminded me of that.

That confetti looks like fun. You will find it for days!

Cat said...

Snail mail THE BEST
Hope you are on the road to recovery

BigLittle said...

Hope you are feeling better! xx

Sammy said...

Feel better soon lovely friend xxx

Leonie said...

Felt like a very peaceful and content post Leonie :) Hope you are feeling better and things are looking up x

Amanda Graham said...

Sorry to hear about your surgery- hope you are on the mend.:)

Bron said...

Just catching up after being away....hope your are well on the way to recovery...Kids back at school? some time to enjoy your own space?
Love the C list too. xxx