Thursday, January 2, 2014

Word banners : A quick tutorial

I love me a good bunting... in fact we have a LOT of bunting around our house and in boxes from parties over the years.

Around the net and Pinterest I've spotted a bit of word bunting of late and it really appeals to me.

The first one I made was for Thanksgiving.. in the middle of cooking Pumpkin pie.

It now hangs permanently in our dining room to remind us daily to 'Be Thankful'

A couple of days later Miss 8 had her birthday, with a pink, blue theme so of course she needed a word banner

Of course Christmas HAD to have it too

So here's how I did it... I just made it up as I went along and I am sure there are other tutorials out there.

You will need - paper, felt, vliesofix, and iron, sewing machine

First up, freehand the letters for your word (I like mixing up upper and lower case)
Flip the paper over and trace it to the back
Trace onto vliesofix
my supply from Aussie recently ran out so I had to sell an organ to buy more in NZ - so EXPENSIVE!!!
Iron the vliesofix onto the reverse side of your fabric and cut out.

Remove the backing paper and then iron onto felt - I chose white for this project but have used blue, red, yellow on the others.
Cut the letters out again.
You can skip this next step if you want to - I didn't do it for the first two banners but chose to for the Christmas one so it will last longer.
Sew around the edge of each letter to permanently fix it to the felt

Next, before you start stitching, grab the threads coming out of the machine - both the top and bobbin and pull these out about a metre 
you will use these to hang it
Now start sewing along the top of each letter, stitching for a bit between each letter so there is a gap

when you finish, pull out the cotton again at the end for your other string for hanging

Ta Da! (my word for 2014)
Please send me a link if you make some so I can be inspired to do more!!!

L x


Cat said...

LOVE this !! Thinking my home motto live laugh love

Leonie said...

These look great and so pretty and easy to make! And you're obviously super quick at it! Do link up if you want!

Bron said...

They are have given me some inspiration xxxxx

Helen Peters said...

You're so clever! They look awesome. Whenever I see the colours you've used for "love" I instantly think "Leonie" :)

Ginx Craft said...

What a lovely idea. They could really catch on, with all sorts of words.

Stella R said...

Cool! Great tutorial, will have to remember this one...

Shawn Martin said...

Wow!! lovely idea your banner design too good. i really like it .
Thanks to share with us.