Monday, February 3, 2014

Making Memories : 5th Birthday photo boards

Over the weekend we were cleaning out our garage and we pulled out each of the kids photo boards I made for their 5th birthdays.

They had a great time looking at them again, a lot of laughing and begging me to put them up in their rooms. Although they are starting to show some wear and tear I thought it would a great project to share on here.

For each of their 5th birthdays I made photo boards showing their growth from newborn to 5. They and our birthday guests have always enjoyed looking at these at their 5th birthday party.
(I also have made my Dad one for his 60th and it was also a hit... so they could be for any milestone birthday).

I started with two sheets of foam board. I cut one in half and attached it to either side of the whole sheet to make 'flaps' that held the board open. I just taped these with packaging tape on the back.
Oops.. all those international moves have lost letters along the way!
For each child I made sure I had a recent picture enlarged for the centre of the board. 

I then arranged as many photos as I could from new born in one corner across to five in the other.

I was thinking I would do this for each significant birthday such as 13 and then 21 years.
Or maybe for a certain thirteen year old this year I might do a photo book instead.. with a double layout for each year and room for memories, comments. 

The possibilities are endless!!!!


BigLittle said...

What a great idea. Always fun to look at old photos at a celebration. I think we might give this a go too.. Thanks for sharing x

jacksta said...

great idea Leonie

jacksta said...
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jacksta said...
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Bron said...

Great way to celebrate their lives...what a clever mumma